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How to Cut the Cost of Your Car Insurance as a Convicted Driver

If you have criminal convictions on your record, here are 6 key ways in which you could save money on your premium.
Drive Less icon

Drive Less

Motorists who cover a lot of mileage throughout the year are at a higher risk of being involved in a road traffic accident, which subsequently increases premiums. By driving fewer miles, you are lowering your chances of having an incident, so your insurer will reduce the price of your car insurance policy as a result.

Drive Sensibly and safely icon

Drive sensibly and safely

Understandably, safe drivers are generally rewarded with the most competitive premiums on the market, so by completing an additional advanced driving course, this will prove to insurers that you’re fully dedicated to improving your driving skills and becoming a cautious, sensible driver.

Black Box icon

Get a black box policy

If you want to make it clear to your insurer that you’re driving safely, black box car insurance (also known as telematics cover) is a type of policy designed to reward sensible drivers with discounts on their premiums. A black box device is fitted to your vehicle and tracks the quality of your driving, so your premiums can therefore be calculated based on how you actually drive, despite past convictions.

Increase voluntary excess icon

Increase voluntary excess

One common way in which drivers save on their car insurance is by upping the amount of voluntary excess they would pay in the event of an accident. By increasing this amount – for example, from £50 to £250 – it could shave a significant amount of money off your premium. Remember, it’s important to set it at an amount you’d be able to comfortably afford if ever the time came to make a claim on your policy, as you’ll need to pay compulsory excess as well.

Specialist Insurer icon

Get in touch with a specialist insurer

Unfortunately, not all insurers will provide affordable cover to drivers that have a history of criminal and/or driving convictions. However, there are insurers available who specialise in this type of insurance and will do their best to provide tailored cover to convicted drivers. Some may request to get a referral from the Probation Service and HM Prison Service, which could, in turn, lower your premium.

Vehicle Security icon

Improve your vehicle's security

The more secure your car is, the less chance there is of your vehicle being stolen or broken into, which is one of the main reasons why insurance companies lower premiums for drivers who have extra security features. By investing in devices such as a steering wheel lock, dash cam or immobiliser, you are likely to see lower insurance premiums.